The Ultim Trip, Yellowstone and its area !

The end of the semester was close and we decided to do another trip; the last one ! For this one we decided to explore one of the last famous area that we did not visit in the west of America : Yellowstone. We left the 5th of May after everyone finished his exams. Once again we rented a car. The first step was the Grand Teton National Park located just south of the huge Yellowstone. As usual we planed to camp and, as expected it was very cold for camping, moreover two of us (including me) did not have sleeping bag. The two first night we were struggling really hard because of the cold and if it was not enough hard conditions to live with, the rain came over. Even though conditions wasn’t optimal it was still awesome place to see ! And this time it was not crowded. We have had the opportunity to see our first bison and buffalo… very impresive, they were so huge and look at the same time lazy and so powerful. Bison and Buffalo are the first cause of death by animal in the US.

But the first aim of these long walks we have done was to apperceive a bear ! The king of the animal in both Grand Teton and Yellostone. First we did not apperceive one of them but the best was coming with the depart for Yellowstone after two days in Grand Teton. In Yellowstone it was way warmer, and more cunfortable as well. During the three days we spent in Yellowstone we have seen plenty of bears (sometimes from far away and sometimes not), bison and of course geysers ! A coyote even came to eat with probably attracted by the smell of the delicious can-food we ate during one week… Yellowstone was incredible, so huge that you can easily spend two weeks there without getting bored and in the same time an awesome place of wilderness.

After three days here, we left to see a little bit of Montana ! It’s the less populated state in U.S and however one of the biggest in the country. We went to camp in Livingston a place that we immediately considerated as a « rednecks » place, though, it looked like an old city with all the cliches of the American farwest.

And then after one week of awesome travelling, we went back to Boise, but first we had to drop one of our friend to the highway entrance because he wanted to come back to Canada by hitchhiking. After this, we had a long road to do untill reaching Boise : 12 hours. It was long, we basically spent the whole day in the car. Once in Boise we booked an hotel for 4 days before we all take the plane to come back to our respective places.

Here come the end of this amazing semester in Boise, today we are the 17th of May and I just came back this morning the head full of memories !

This is probably the end of this blog unless other adventures came out !





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